Need a motivational speaker who can tap into dreams, belly laughs, and happy tears?

Katie Mason never imagined life dressed up as a “dinosaur apple” onstage delivering keynote speeches. It came to her in a dream (which is one of Katie’s areas of expertise – Dreamwork). The lessons incurred travel deep within our resting minds and into the place that is still being understood – our dreams!

The best leadership/success speakers come from a place of humanity.

And that’s Katie. She is a down-to-earth professional counselor and dream interpreter who takes life as seriously as they come, but with a healthy dose of humor and a look at the irony of life. Have you ever had an audacious thought or dream (like a dinosaur that resembles an apple) and wondered…. Why? 

Katie takes the signs in life for what they are exactly: signs that are telling us something, but what? 

For the best motivational speaker for an audience that loves quirky, intuitive, and relatable content, Katie Mason is available as a Keynote Speaker by individual request. Click below to reach out to Katie and inquire on her availability for speaking at your next impactful event. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Katie Mason helped me use the dream that was so startling and turn it into tools for waking life. The information and gifts that Katie helped me extract from that troubling dream are now like my secret weapons for me to protect and honor myself. Ultimately I believe that they help everyone in my world as well and I look forward to developing a dream practice per her recommendation.” – “M”

I have seen Katie speak several times and she is absolutely wonderful. She’s a masterful story teller, she has excellent points, and a huge bonus, she’s funny! We are both in the National Speakers Association and I’ve seen her work there and we also happen to do stand up comedy together. She does a great job connecting with any audience and I highly recommend her as a speaker! – A.V.”

Katie Mason is the real deal…authentic, funny, and insightful.  I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak in a variety of capacities: as a speaker, as a comedian and as a facilitator of deep and meaningful work with women.  She brings her whole self to it all.  She shares her intellect, humor and rich understanding of the human condition in profound and yet very engaging ways.  If you are looking for a subject expert on dreams with a panache for a parade, or a comedian to bring rich and heartfelt laughter to your event or a therapist that guides people to engage with themselves and others in a powerful and thoughtful manner ~ then Katie is for you.   – J.B.”


Katie Mason is a licensed professional counselor, dream interpreter, guided meditation specialist, comedian, and professional motivational keynote speaker based in Denver, Colorado. Are you looking for the top motivational speakers near you for your event? Katie speaks all over Colorado and takes travel requests as well. Please take a moment to send a message to inquire about your specific speaking requests.