The work I do is foundational, intentionally disruptive AND expansive. 

We go deep to get to the roots of your patterns so you can change. The deeper we anchor, the further out we can expand.  Like a skyscraper, the deeper it is built into the ground, the higher it can go.

Foundational Principles

  • Develop an honest report build trust and connection
  • Explore your relationship to personal accountability so you are empowered to be in the drivers seat of your life
  • Learn to feel your feelings so you are releasing stuck energy 
  • Address barriers to feeling like addictions and numbing, ruminating and wallowing or avoiding 
  • Understand the core components of nervous system regulation so you can increase your capacity to be in the world, grounded and stable

Intentionally Disruptive

  • Identify triggers and learn how to work with them 
  • Uncover unconscious trauma patterning
  • Develop awareness of the defensive mechanisms and self protection that keeps you playing small and avoiding change 


  • Develop a dreamwork practice to expand your relationship with your unconscious
  • Use dreamwork to explore your relationship to your own spiritual life, developing a deep internal guidance system that has you feeling more connected and supported 
  • Restore a connection with your ancestors, reframe your work as generational healing and transformation, understand the roots of generational trauma 
  •  Learn to come in and out of expanded and altered states of consciousness through dreaming, guided meditation and other forms
  • Intentionally re-imagine your relationship with the collective world, working with apathy and despair to curate intentional living and purpose by direct action and intentional community building 
  • Develop integration practices that keep you expanding your capacity to grow, evolve and go deeper into the unknown 
  • Work with the unseen and healing worlds of nature to rejuvenate you for the long haul
  • Get out of your comfort zone repeatedly to create a steady relationship with change

I envision a world where people are empowered to work through their deepest struggles because that’s how they cultivate an honest understanding of who they really are. 

Then they step out and create a powerful, meaningful and authentic life.  

I want you to live powerfully and authentically, unafraid to take risks so you feel fully alive in the face of the despair and heartache that exists in modern life.  Lets face it, we are living in unprecedented times, many of the challenges we face collectively are insurmountable in our lifetime.  YET, we can create the stamina and grit to have a very powerful and meaningful existence, one where we are nourished and inspired to make each day intentional and loving.  We can increase our capacity for joy, peace AND ease, while also being in direct relationship with the depth of pain and sorrow that exists in us and around us. 

AND by doing our personal work, we will have more capacity to be of service and slowly work away at the blocked arteries of our culture which will have lasting positive impact for generations to come.

The work we do together is designed to help you feel whole and alive.  So many people are sleepwalking through life, defaulting to autopilot. They are not dying, but are they living?  Being awake and intentional with life requires getting into the pain and discomfort and developing tools to work with it not avoid it.  AND getting out of our comfort zone to do things differently. It requires patience and trust, which we build together.  There are no quick fixes but slow and steady progress is what creates sustainable long lasting change.  

I am a therapist but I’m also a guide, trusted mentor and a coach.  I work holistically and bring different energy depending on the stage of your growth.