Katie Mason offers unrivaled talents and gifts applicable to nearly every private and public industry out there. With her unique ability to simultaneously empathize with individuals and engage massive crowds, Katie’s skills enable everyone to feel inspired to learn more and dig deeper into their own stories. I am fortunate and privileged to have participated in dream sessions with Katie. The tools and insights she provided me in just an hour have lasted for years. I still have vivid imagery from our time together that helps me process current anxieties and stress. Katie does it all with heart and passion. She is one of the most driven people I know, leaving doubt and worry aside to pursue what she knows to be important and critical in a rapidly changing world. She is bold, yet humble, brave, and yet intentional. She is wildly perfect.S.L.”

“I interviewed a few therapists before deciding to work with Katie.  I chose Katie because I appreciated her straightforward style and how she encourages action and growth – even if the path is uncomfortable (which it often is!).  My work with Katie has changed how I deal with my relationships, career and family of origin. I feel more comfortable in my own skin and calmer.  Katie challenged me to follow my desire to take a stand up comedy class – I would’ve never done this without her encouragement and I’m so glad I did.  She’s helped me feel more confident with who I am and empowered to do what makes me happiest.  I look forward to more! – L.P.”

“I continue to be amazed by the shifts I have created in all areas of my life since I started working with Katie. I was finally able to choose to leave a job that I had let hijack my free time and my spirit to find a new, fulfilling position. I am learning to prioritize myself, live from my heart, and set boundaries to cultivate healthier relationships—as a partner, a mother, a friend, and a human walking in the world. I feel so grateful, beyond words, to have crossed paths with such a skilled, creative, sincere, and loving guide who encourages me to step into my own courage every single day. – N. M.”

“The notion of the mid-life crisis is a trope–if not an outright joke–in modern culture. It’s common for humans to find themselves halfway through life “lost in a dark wood and full of fear” to quote Dante’s Divine Comedy. He began to write that at age 35!  I have navigated–by myself mostly–through a few levels of mid-life hell and never sought therapy, never sought a real guide–a “Virgil.”  With books, oh my yes! and a  “little help from my friends” I got by. But at the age of 77–way past mid-life–I encountered a darker wood and greater fear. How surprised I was that old age can offer up greater and more mysterious challenges than mid-life! Fifty may be the new 30, but nearing 80 is undeniably a long stare into the maw of mortality. Life seems stranger, more random; losses sadder and more frequent. Finally I did seek a guide–reluctantly, I confess. 

Working with Katie was remarkable. Her techniques were fresh and eye-opening to me–breath and sound and movement exploration, not just the “talk therapy” I was expecting. And over time they were effective. I felt better.  I’ve always had a cache of mottos to help me over rough spots:

           ‘Learn to accept the unacceptable.’ 

           ‘Do the thing you think you cannot do.’

           ‘Recognize the ‘long, hard, and stupid’.’ 

           As a result of my work with Katie (and it was work), I have added a new motto:

           ‘Face the music and dance.’E.G.” 

“Katie is, in a word, terrific. She is willing to go where I want to go, yet she is great at guiding the work to where it needs to go. Her approach is a wonderfully effective mix of conventional modalities & a more novel approach that is all her own. I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending her as a therapist. – A.U.”

“Katie has taught me the power of recognizing the things that are within my control and has shown me how I can shift my behavior to affect the outcomes. I no longer look at life as a series of things that are done to me, but I see how I create my own path. Katie has a talent for meeting you where you’re at and guiding you toward the tools you can use to help yourself. When you realize your own power, you can find peace. Through my work with Katie, my anxiety has lessened, and I feel strong and resilient. But I’m not done. I’m excited to keep building on what Katie has already taught me. She has an enthusiasm for helping others and is constantly bringing new ideas and inspiration to our sessions. She has so much wisdom to share and I can’t wait to see what more I can learn! – A.F.”

“I started working with Katie in counseling at a very crucial and introspective time in my life. She helped me look deeper than I ever had before. She guided me through past, present and future using her keen intuition, helpful techniques like guided meditation, and always with much warmth and her calm way of being. This is not to say I was not challenged, because I was! Katie seemed to have that pertinent question ready for me, waiting to be asked at just the right moment. Being in a session with Katie always felt like a safe haven and therefore I was able to open up and discover places, ideas, feelings and dreams I had previously not encountered.  She was a wonderful companion throughout my exploration and I very highly recommend her as a therapist.”  – “LS”

“Through both talk therapy and guided visualization, Katie Mason taught me how to better manage my stress in order to lead an authentic, happy life. Katie is very gifted at bringing out the best in someone, and helping them see their best self.” -EC

“Katie has demonstrated a level of listening, thought partner work, and non -judgmental guidance that was immensely helpful in my life. She gave me the space to increase my own self -reflection, physical awarness ,and make connections of patterns and trends in my life! – R.G.”

“When I first came to see Katie in 2010, I was in one of the darkest times of my life and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to continue to navigate life, but I knew I had to find a way and Katie has played an important role in making that possible. I thought I had received all the therapy I needed in my life at that time, but nothing smacks you in the face like Chronic illness. I had received diagnoses prior to seeing Katie that seemingly made life almost come to a halt. I had a lovely combination of depression and anxiety. Stress is not helpful in regaining your health when you have Chronic illness. It was time to reevaluate life as I knew it. I felt as if I was a prisoner in my own body. Little did I know the emotional pain I would relive, but the strength I would gain from examining how to take steps in this new world that is forever mine would be empowering. I cannot imagine having done this emotional work with anyone other than Katie.

She provides a safe place to explore the possibilities of new ways of living. She has been invaluable in helping me to discover how to effectively utilize new tools to navigate and draw boundaries so that I can be a highly functioning human being in a world that understands very little about chronic illness. I’m much stronger and better off today than I was in 2010, but I’m still on my journey and so grateful for Katie’s continued guidance in helping me to navigate the bumps in the road. It is invaluable to have this type of support with Chronic illness. – M.B.”

“Integrity, passion, creativity, and effectiveness are all words I think of in relationship to Katie Mason and her ability to integrate her expertise knowledge of dreamwork and psychotherapy in order to help people make incredible transformational shifts in their lives. I have had many years of therapy to gain a deeper understanding of myself and how to live more fully in this world. A single dreamwork session with Katie is like mashing five psychotherapy sessions into one. I have never experienced a more life changing therapeutic approach than I have with Katie and her dreamwork coaching. I say coaching because as she brings you back into dreams she coaches you through them as you make the connections and associations that provide such extensive healing on an energetic level and on a physical level. She is with you the whole time providing encouragement and compassion. Katie has the ability to ease you into difficult, emotional themes that can arise when working with dreams. I have been able to process and heal aspects of my past that I have not been able to do with other therapists. Working with dreams has opened up an outlet for me to uncover truths and realities about my soul that will be invaluable tools throughout my life. I literally feel the energetic shifts happening in my mind and body during these sessions. Thank you, Katie, for providing and facilitating such profound work for the community. I would suggest dreamwork sessions to anyone who is looking for a deeper type of therapy that truly creates incredible shifts in the mind and body. – K. O.”

Katie thank you so much for the dream work session. It was truly transformative. I was able work through some issues that were looming over me and I wasn’t able to approach in any other way. You guided me through the dream with so much intuition and compassion. I really appreciated it. – D.U.”  

All the workshops I’ve attended at People House I feel are presented by people that “think outside the box”. Katie Mason’s Dream Work is another fine example. She started with shamanic drumming which created a sense of well-being and calmness, then asked each person about their dreams and also guided them with imagery. Before this workshop, I was having night terrors averaging six times a month and during this workshop and her work on guided imagery, she suggested each of us to have a totem animal to help guide us in our dreams. This approach has helped me to imagine my totem animal guarding me in my dreams – I haven’t had a night terror in a month which is not only rather unusual since I’ve had them for years, but also a great relief for me and my wife. I can’t wait until the next workshop!  – M.”

I am a student and a teacher, and feel most at home working with the unconcious and conciousness in the waking world. Dreams have mostly been messengers of affirmation for me and clear indicators. Some have been troubling but I felt like I knew how to use them…. up until recently when I awoke and felt bad and sick and mis directed. I knew Katie was the perfect person to enlist as my guide. Katie Mason Counseling helped me use the dream that was so startling and turn it into tools for waking life. The information and gifts that Katie helped me extract from that troubling dream are now like my secret weapons for me to protect and honor myself. Ultimately I believe that they help everyone in my world as well and I look forward to developing a dream practice per her recommendation. If you dream often or have had dreams that you know have messages for you but you can quite be sure what they are, invite Katie to guide you back to the source. – R.N.”

“My dream session with Katie was nothing short of incredible. I entered the session not knowing what to expect and left our time together with a greater awareness of who I am and who I desire to be. Katie has a gentle, empathetic approach to her work. She provided space for me to be me while still maintaining a professional and compassionate calm. I have always had vivid dreams and to a certain extent, knew my dreams had “meaning,” but what I was able to discover through Katie’s guidance far-exceeded anything I could have imagined. I would highly recommend dream therapy with Katie to anyone. S.L.”

“Over the course of my life I’ve taken many different classes. I took several workshops on Dreams and found them to be very helpful in so many areas of my life. Also, have had some very good psychotherapy which was helpful in making my life better. Recently, I read the bio of Katie Mason in the People House Newsletter and was very intrigued to see that she was not only trained to practice psychotherapy, but was also an experienced dream therapist! So I began having dream therapy sessions with her and found it to be delightful! There is so much about our dreams that we don’t know, but can learn and use to make our lives better and more interesting, more full and alive. If you are interested in learning more about how dreams can be a big part of your life, I would wholehearted recommend you see Katie Mason and start working with your dreams! – A.G.”