A commitment to AUTHENTICITY!

Here are the beginnings of my extended authenticity.  I am multi-dimensional, as are most humans, and so I don’t fit into one particular “box” even as a therapist.  As you can see on my website I talk about individual therapy, dreams, guided imagery, auto immune illness and I’m just getting started.

For years I thought I had to have a private practice that looked one specific way, because that is what I’ve seen around me.  But as I’ve grown into my profession and given myself permission to find my own path, I’ve learned that my work, doesn’t look like anyone else’s, because I am not like anyone else. 

I had to create my own form, nobody else was going to have it ready for me to follow.  I realized I had to give myself space to be everything at once, that there is room in the world for all of me!  I like practical application, I like symbolic exploration.  I think dreams are just as useful as physical exercise when it comes to health. I’m drawn to a variety of wisdoms at any given moment. I think big, and I’m interested in so many things! 

This world we live in is exciting, and overstimulating and I sometimes don’t feel like I can keep up with all the knowledge and adventures I want to explore. My intuition is my biggest strength so I can’t always describe exactly why I’m interested in something, or why I know it works, but I feel it, and it becomes my truth. I store it away and I share it with others and I’ve found, it helps them too! 

That technique hasn’t failed me yet. Learning to listen to my own truth is my biggest accomplishment thus far in my life.  So this blog, will reflect my given intuition and truth on what I have found helpful, useful and exciting in creating change. I will talk about physical, spiritual, emotional health, as its all connected.  

I want to help others feel empowered to be authentic in every way possible, to change and get rid of patterns that don’t work anymore and to find their own source of wisdom to trust.   I hope you find my blog helpful!  Thanks!